Spider Web Contact Lenses.

Spider web contact lenses for a spooky Halloween!

Spiderweb contact lens

Spiderweb contact lens

These really intricately designed spider web contact lenses are  perfect for a Halloween night out. These are mainly white with a black spider web which will freak out your friends, and strangers! You have the option to buy these as a pair or you can just purchase one and then either leave the other eye or get a different design. Personally I think Halloween contact lenses look better as a set pair or with just one in but of course this is up to you.

Obviously I would recommend wearing some sort of spider costume with these, whether or not it is a spider or spiderman/woman doesn’t matter, use your imagination and be the best and coolest looking scary spider around!

Spider contact lenses features and specifications

  • Covers the full of your natural eye colour
  • Can purchase as a single lense or buy as a pair
  • Safe and comfortable to wear, CE certified
  • Purchase from The Body Jewellery Shop  CLICKING HERE and keying in TER40
Spider contact lenses

Spider contact lenses

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