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I have created this site to help people come to a decision as to which contact lenses to wear for Halloween, or whatever special occasion, maybe just a night out at your local Goth bar.

I love coloured contacts and started wearing them about 12 years ago but they were just a barely noticeable violet colour.  Then I decided to go for some crazier, more obscure designs but I decided to buy them online as they were extortionate to buy from the opticians, (my local Asda’s opticians were doing them at a discount price of £29 per lens! DISCOUNT! That is not what I call a discount!) the lenses I seen online were really cheap but I was worried about the safety of them, I mean who want to put something in their eyes that they think are cheap and made with who only knows what! I found a great site called BodyJewelleryShop and I have been getting my contacts from there or Amazon.com ever since.

Coloured contacts are a great way to really complete a Halloween outfit, even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can just dress up as a zombie, it is so easy to do and cheap but with the contacts in it will look like you are an extra from Night Of The Living Dead! Just get some old clothes, put a few rips in them and put fake blood down rips, then use some white face paint for your face along with a little black make up under the eyes and that’s you set! So you would only be spending a couple of quid outwith the price of the lenses, infact you could even just buy one lens for one eye, this may sound daft but honestly it looks really good too, you could get a red contact and them put some fake blood near your eye to finish the look off.

This was a few years ago when I was pregnant with my son!

This was a few years ago when I was pregnant with my son!

Here is a pic of me a few years ago (see left) with my cheaply made mummy outfit, not the best looking costume but I was pregnant and totally shattered so didn’t do very well with bandaging myself up! Gives you an idea though, I had some great zombie looks but unfortunately that was before camera phones were out and I don’t have any pictures at all.

Hope you like my site and have fun!!!



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