Red Contact Lenses.

Red contact lenses are a fantastic way to make your eyes look gruesome! You can dress up as almost anything and put these in to really freak people out!

Red Contact Lenses

Red Contact Lenses

How cool do these blood red lenses look?! They completely cover your natural eye colour making them look even more realistic.

These come as a pair and also with lens solution and a case to keep your lenses in. They last for 30 days after first use and are for non-prescription only.

Don’t worry if you have never worn contacts before, these come with full instructions and are really comfy once in, it will nip for the first few moments of putting them in but that will go after only seconds.

Here is a review from an Amazon customer:

5 stars

5 stars

Great delivery time and product was very good, very bright contacts and one of the better delivery charges than some i looked into.(to Ireland) A good buy for my first time wearing contacts.

CLICK HERE to see the review on Amazon’s site.

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