Pink Butterfly Skull Lenses.

Pretty but Gothic at the same time.

These pink butterfly skull lenses would perfectly set off your dark fairy, princess or butterfly costume. This means you can have the best of both worlds, dress up in pink and glitter but still have an evil Halloween twist to it with these coloured contact lenses.

Pink Butterfly Skull Lenses

Pink Butterfly Skull Lenses

These are a little bit different to the usual Halloween contact lenses as they are a beautiful pink colour and not the same plain black or white lenses. If you are someone who likes to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd then Halloween is most definitely the time of year to do that!

As with all contact though remember to read the instructions first, most contacts need to be soaked in solution 24 hours before wear, a friend of mine never bothered doing this two years in a row and wondered why she could not keep the lenses in for more than an hour as they made her eyes water so much!


Here are some of the key good points to these lenses:

  • Very comfortable even for first time contact users
  • covers your full, natural eye colour without impairing your vision
  • CE safety certified
  • Come in packs of single or pairs
  • Buy them from the trusted Body Jewellery shop using product number TER14, HERE.


Here’s what a previous customer had to say,

5 star

5 star




Truly Terror,

I just received these and I get more compliments on how simply chaotic and wicked they look on me. Could not love another pair of contacts better! They fit great, cover up all of my original eye color( which happens to be a dark brown, and yes they are terrifying!!!


To purchase these or just to look at some real customers photos with them wearing the pink butterfly skull lenses then CLICK HERE and type in product number TER14 in the search box.


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